Rug Cleaning

Rugs and carpets play an immense role in decorating the houses as well offices to give a luxurious look to your belonging areas.

It’s really important to react very quickly right after you see any stain or strong odor because if you don’t respond timely it would be difficult to handle the problem even for the rug cleaning professionals and condition of your rug become worse. So we suggest you to call the professionals immediately to reduce the chance of getting the condition out of control. There are lots of facts and benefits you need to know about us and keen to enjoy our services:

  • We provide you 24 hours service in case of emergency
  • Free estimate and pickup and delivery.
    Fast service
  • We use only green organic chemicals.
  • Our professionals use organic products- non-toxic
  • We provide both residential and commercial rug cleaning
  • We also furnish high quality service at reasonable cost.

There are plenty of products which are available in market to clean your rug at home but these products are made of strong chemicals which could damage the fabrics of your rug. So it can be dangerous to use such harsh products to clean your rug. We use only organic products made of green chemicals having no harm to your rug and the process we used are up-to date:

  • Oriental rug cleaning
  • Wool rug cleaning
  • Persian rug cleaning
  • Handmade rug cleaning
  • Rug shampoo cleaning
  • Hand wash rug cleaning
  • Steam rug cleaning
  • Turkish rug cleaning
  • Green rug cleaning
  • Organic rug cleaning
  • Silk rug cleaning

All of these processes are industry standardized methods which are tested and ready to use for cleaning rug safely.


We have performed all these processes in our laboratory as a trial basis and believe us those tests were fully successful.​