We are Dedicated Rug Professionals!

If you ask about the staff we deal with then the answer is- all of our staff is well knowledgeable with smartest ideas. This is the reason for providing service at a low price because our staff is well adjustable to the problems related to the rug and carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning

There were days when carpet cleaning used to be a big problem but now there are plenty of useful techniques to regain the actual appearance of your carpet even after having problems like stain or unpleasant smell.

Rug Cleaning

Rugs and carpets play an immense role in decorating the houses as well offices to give a luxurious look to your belonging areas. 

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning seems to be a big problem in every single house because of the lack of time due to this busy world. Most of the people are unaware of the cleaning aspects of their furniture and upholstery.

Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is not an easy task to perform which requires plenty of techniques and tools so as to complete the job properly. Size and scale of the emergency decides the process to be taken and depending on it completely.

Spot & Stain Removal

NYC local carpet provide best spot and stain removal service to ensure the maintenance at its best. We not only concentrate on the quality of service but the techniques that we used for the removal of spot and stain.

Stain & Odor Remove

So called pet strain is no longer a fuss, It’s quite fortunate that we love our pets and in a blink of eye they become the most integral part of the family.

Residential Carpet

NYC local carpet provide sparkling services to clean and dry your carpet in few hours rather than taking 1- 2 days alike other ordinary cleaning services 

Commercial Carpet

Commercial areas are the denser one far away from our residential areas where we meet with customers, guests and businessmen that is why we need this area to be bell furnished and clean.

Our Way to Clean Your Rugs!

Step 1- Inspection

Our rug professionals will examine your area rug to determine the condition and kind of fabric in order to decide the best cleaning method for you.

Step 2- Dusting

The second and most crucial step is to prepare the rug for deep cleaning by vacuuming and dusting the upper and lower surfaces of the rug many times to remove soil and debris. It's amazing how much soil can be removed at this point.

Step 3- Cleaning

We make use of advanced cleaning techniques and procedures like steam cleaning and remove the dirt using the latest tools.

Step 4- Drying

After the carpets have been hand-washed, they are dried. To avoid deformation, some carpets are hung to dry while others are laid flat to dry.

Step 5 -Touch Up

We provide specialized treatment in most circumstances, such as pet odor removal, stain removal, moth control, and more.

Step 6- Final Inspection + Delivery

The rug will undergo a last examination to ensure that it is fully prepared for delivery. We'll buff the rug and fringes and, if the buyer requests it, apply fibre protection to prevent it from spills and dirt in the future. The rug is rolled and delivered to your residence.


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