We ensure you the best care for you rugs as we respect your great effort to buy that to décor your house. Rugs play an immense role to decorate your home and need to be taken care of avoiding any kind of spill on it.
Complete care for your rug
We have specialists to take care of your rugs to make sure you enjoy your rug as long as possible. We provide the best cleaning service for your rug and try to do it in professional manner only.
Out of all the services that we provide at our factory, rug repair and restoration is our strength and we are really good at this from the very first day of our company. We have the right tools and equipments up to date which can be used in any situation to clean your rug safely.
Repair any minor or major problem
The problem to your rug varies in every different situation. If there is a minor tear, rip or snag then you still have to reach expertise to fix it for you as the minor problem sometimes become the cause of major problem which then might be difficult to handle. So we suggest you to call the experts as soon as possible to avoid the chance of getting the condition worse.
We are providing you the best rug repair and restoration service to bring your rug back to life whether the problem is major or minor. No matter how big the problem is our professionals are well trained and certified to handle any kind of problem and to resolve it in timely manner.

It’s a fact that even the expensive and best rugs can suffer from fringe problems. So we can say that even the best rugs subject to the problems like wear and tear. Out of all, the most common repair is the fringes repair to a rug.

Though it’s common to have fringe problem, it doesn’t imply that everybody can provide the repair for it. It’s a fact that almost all the companies promise results but failed to do so but we are the ones who can easily perform the fringe repair with the help of our specialists.

Common problem but fewer results
We all know that fringe repair is very common but this is not under the reach of all, but our experts have developed a lot of tools and equipment’s to get the job done in proper manner with 100% results.

Wear and tear is known to be the frustrating problem for the rug owners because they have spent their money and really don’t want to lose it. You don’t have to compromise it and we can provide you the fringe repair to undo any damage to your rug.

It’s a fact that even with full intention to save your rug, it get damaged by any of the consequences that rug usually subject to. You may have noticed that the difference between a rug and carpeting in it’s fitting is that a rug can be moved anywhere but the carpet is fixed to the floor. It also implies that the chance of getting the problems like wear and tear comes easily.

Most of the people wanted to bind their rug to the floor to avoid any damage. We will provide you the rug binding at affordable prices by our professionals to avoid any chance of getting the job unsuccessful. Our professionals are equipped with full modern tools to complete the job easily.

Trust only experts
There are plethoras of options available in the market which may harm your rug rather than resolving it. So this implies that rug binding should be done by specialists and our company provides you the specialists who can perform this technique in better way to avoid any danger while performing it.

The natural shape of rug really matters to the appearance of it to look more beautiful and gorgeous. You really need to take care of the shape of your rug and make sure it doesn’t lose its shape easily.

This seems to be a very common problem among the list of rug problems. Whenever you feel that your rug is losing its elasticity then we suggest you to call us and we will help you by sending our professionals to inspect the condition and based on that they will perform actions immediately.
It’s really important for you to know the reason of losing the elasticity of your rug so that you can avoid the consequences. When you wash your rugs unnecessarily as part of the maintenance then it tends to lose the elasticity which could harm the shape of your rug.
. Blocking and shearing service works quite well with respect to this problem and our people are good at providing this service at affordable prices.

Undone the wrinkles
There is no fault in washing your rug to protect it from dirt but it should be done in proper manner not unnecessarily.
This doesn’t imply that you have to live with this wrinkle problem indeed we have various techniques to solve this problem in efficient manner to make you feel satisfied getting your rug repaired.
You can trust us to avoid this problem because our specialists perform tug blocking and shearing effectively to undone the damage and give back life to your rug.

Rug may suffer from wear and tear, stain and lot more problems but the most occurring problem with rug is they fade and lose their natural color. Once they lose their natural appearance it really looks odd and needs to be restored it quickly under the supervision of expertise.

Among all the other rug restoration types, color restoration is the most important. Keep in mind that if the process is not done properly then you may lose the original color of your rug permanently. So this need to be done by the professionals and our professionals are well trained to perform the rug color restoration.
Color fading is very common even the highest quality rugs suffer the same problem easily. So the restoration of faded rugs must be done very quickly right after you observe the problem.

Expense process
Rather the process to restore the faded rug is very expensive but still with the help of using modern tools we have the sufficient techniques which are under the range of common man. The reason behind the need of professionals is because restoring the exactly original color is very difficult but our professionals first do all the experiments with the trial rug and then apply the formula to your rug. So that you can get the best results using our latest techniques which could bring the original color easily.

Generally people spent a lot to buy the gorgeous and excellent quality rugs to avoid the problems but the fact is you cannot avoid any damage to your rug which subject to various problems such as wear and tear, stain, odor, unpleasant smell and lot more.

There are plenty of measures to all such problems but serging is the only measure which is very uncommon. serging acts as a protective overwrap to your rug and very successful technique. Most of the time your rug tends to lose its luster and serging acts here like a medicine to a sick person i.e to wear the rug properly.

Hand Sewing- effective repair
Hand serging is very effective to sew the overwrap that has come undone. It also helps to improve and protect the quality of your rug. It actually requires lots of proper attention to sew it properly by hand and couldn’t be done by your own. Expertise supervision is required to get the job done efficiently.

Moths are awful bugs for your house furniture especially to the antiques one. Usually rugs are easily attacked by moths and it’s really important to keep your rug away from moths to keep safe you and your family from bugs.

Don’t let this happen to your rug which you have bought to décor your room and we can provide you the rug mothproofing service to prevent moth attacks to your beautiful rug.

Give us opportunity to keep the bugs away
We have efficient tools and equipments to protect your rug from all kinds of bugs especially moths to stop them ruining your rug.
There is no doubt it that the process is simple but it requires the proper expertise. Our professionals have gone through these problems number of times and are well experienced to handle the worse conditions as well.
You don’t have to worry about the moths but need to call us as quickly as you can so that we can take over the problem easily and get the job done.

It’s a fact that most of the people feel hesitant to buy rugs as compared to carpeting because they find hard on their feet. But this is not a big issue as we provide you the service named rug padding which adds more padding to your rug to feel comfortable and to repair padding as well. This really makes a big difference to your rug.

You may have affection with your rug because of its beauty but it need to be comfortable as well. It actually requires bit of difficult work to make it possible.
Many of the companies failed to provide extra padding to rugs to make customers feel comfortable. But our rug padding service overcome this lack of padding into your rugs and give you the relaxation.

Soft rug with little effort of us
It hardly matters the size of the rug when we are giving you the promise to provide a bit of padding to your rug for comfort zone. With the help of this little effort of us you are going to have soft area underneath your feet.

NYC local carpet buy various expensive and gorgeous rugs that we really wish to enjoy for years and years. The problem comes when something went wrong with your rug and not even to restore it by yourself and letting it go.

The weave of the rugs holding the beauty of it and when it comes out of place then it starts loosing the shape and beauty because after that rug begins to shred and tear day by day. If you feel the same problem then it’s the correct time to process your rug through rug reweaving service by the specialists.

Put your faith on us
Reweaving of rug is not a child play and needs expertise and various tools and equipments to process it successfully and we are equipped with such essential tools to do the job effectively. Our professionals have years of experience in reweaving rugs to serve you the best service in proper manner and give the 100% results.
If you are looking for rug reweaving service then it’s the right place to put your faith and join us to enjoy our services with less cost.

No matter how cheap or costly the rug you have bought is, every rug has backing to it to act like a frictional substance to keep it in particular place that is to avoid its unwanted movement. As every rug tends to move around and need some sort of backing.

Backing is the useful element or technique which helps you to keep your rug in place. In case you need new backing or wanted to repair your old one, we are here to provide you the solution to this problem.
You might be thinking that this is not so important, but it really needs proper attention to add new backing or repairing the older one. Our specialists are certified and tested to complete the backing job efficiently.

Rug backing needs useful tools and methods to perform it in your rug.
Taking proper time for best result
We never show any hurry to complete the job because we don’t want the work to be done early but really concentrate on the result of it that is the best outcome whether it takes a little extra time and effort. All you have to do is to pick up your phone and call us to enjoy the best service at affordable prices with our expertise advices.

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