You need to hoover your room on a daily basis; especially those areas which need maximum care such as living room, hall, kitchen which you can count as highly dense areas. It will definitely help to a stay out with minimum dirt and stain.
Make sure your carpet is cleaned by rug cleaned professional regularly because it’s the smartest way to annihilate dirt and grime trapped inside the fibers of your rug.

Another important aspect which you need to taken care of- in case your pets roam around each and every corner of your house sloughing fur on your rugs and carpets then you should bathe your pets on regular basis.

Welcome mat should be placed at your entrance and hall in order to collect the dirt way outside your house and hallway.

If something accidentally spill on your rug or carpet then act smartly without thinking too much! Wipe up the liquid from your rug as much you can using any suitable way like paper towels. If you still feel grime on your rug then don’t rub at it because it may worsen the chance of cleaning the rug completely afterwards.

In case you are cleaning your carpet or rug by yourself then don’t forget to use good quality organic products which are friendly to your environment and try to contact rug cleaned professional before applying the product. It will undoubtedly keep you and your family safe.

If you are planning to clean your rug especially the fringe of your rug then make sure you do it by hand and do it in the natural direction to stop tearing it.

It demands an immediate call to rug cleaned professional in case your rug has a hole or a tear. Don’t waste the time to do so because it will continue to grow and become worsen to handle.

In case you have planned to clean the rug at your home under the absence of professional then spot test demands action. You simply need to dab a little amount of solution onto your rug. It may take half an hour to check whether the color of rug remains same and you can proceed further.

Direct sunlight could also be dangerous to your rug which rise the chance of fading it quickly so it’s better to avoid the direct contact of sunlight with your rug.

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